Do you have IBS?  Try hypnosis.

If you suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS),  the gastrointestinal disorder characterized by abdominal pain, distension, and altered bowel habits, you know that there remains a significant lack of effective medical treatments for IBS.  However, a number of studies have shown that hypnosis, in conjunction with normal visits to your medical doctor, can be beneficial in helping you deal with this disorder.  One study concluded that hypnosis consistently produces significant results and improves the main symptoms of IBS in the majority of patients, as well as positively affecting non-colonic symptoms. When evaluated according to the efficacy guidelines of the Clinical Psychology Division of American Psychological Association, the use of hypnosis with IBS qualifies for the highest level of acceptance as being both efficacious and specific (“Hypnosis and Irritable Bowel Syndrome:  A Review of Efficacy and Mechanism of Action”, Tan, Hammond & Gurrala, American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis, September 2011).    Another study noted that “Hypnosis is the psychological treatment approach most frequently reported to have a demonstrable therapeutic impact on IBS symptoms” (“Hypnosis Treatment for Severe Irritable Bowel Syndrome Investigation of Mechanism and Effects on Symptoms”, Olafur Palsson, PsyD, Marsha J. Turner, MS, David A. Johnson, MD,  Charles K. Burnett, PhD, MPH, and William E. Whitehead, PhD, Digestive Diseases and Sciences, Vol. 47, No. 11 (November 2002)).  These reflect just a small sample of studies that show hypnosis as a viable treatment.

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