Are you having trouble getting sleep?

Have you heard of the about the new movie ‘Baa-Baa Land’?  No, not the critically acclaimed award-winning movie starring Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone ‘La-La Land’.  Baa-Baa Land is an 8-hour move which depicts sheep eating grass in a field….for eight hours.  The purpose of the movie is not to intrigue you with an intricate love story but to make you sleepy.  For someone suffering from insomnia, this is one way to try to induce sleep, however, a much more effective way to combat insomnia is through hypnosis, and it doesn’t take eight hours!!!

If you’re having trouble sleeping, hypnosis may be the solution to your problem.  In fact, Hypnos is the Greek word for sleep and although a person
in hypnosis isn’t actually asleep, the process for entering trance is the same process as drifting off into a deep and healthy sleep.  In fact, a new study conducted at the University of Fribourg in Switzerland is the first to assess, via measures of brain-wave activity, “the positive impact of hypnosis hypnosis has on deep sleep and to show that it is, in fact, real,” noted one of the researchers.

At issue is the desire to boost so-called deep sleep, also known as slow-wave sleep.  This type of sleep “often correlates with the most restorative sleep, a time for your brain to process an rejuvenate from the challenges of the day”, explains a professor of neurology and sleep medicine at the Oregon Health and Science Center at the University of Portland.

So, why struggle through countless nights of restlessness and lack of sleep when you can take part in a few hypnosis sessions and overcome your problem for the long-term?

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